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The Best In Music, The Best In Shows focuses on highlighting only the best in hardcore, metal, and alternative music.

I've always been a fan of ThePrp, Wickedland, Lambgoat, and Sputnikmusic to get new insight to the music world regarding releases and upcoming shows. Having attended hundreds of shows throughout the past twenty years and consistently searching for new tunes, groups, and albums, I decided to have a place of my own to document my experiences and thoughts of only the best music and the best in shows.

I was listening to the latest Aphex Twin and forwarded the details of the release to my brother, who was instantly attracted to the album within a few seconds of the first track. It was then he asked me, "when are you going to start a blog?" He mentioned that I never gave him a bad recommendation and that he noticed I took pride in finding instant classics.

I did. I really did. I loved finding new music and sharing it with my friends. For as long as I could remember being into music, sharing it and making copies of tapes and CDs was always a passion of mine. I didn't even call it a passion, in fact it was just natural. With my passion for writing and music combined, I set out to start slowly on a rugged Blogger platform to share my thoughts. Every time a friend would reach out and say "dude, I have a day off, give me some tips for tunes," I could now just direct them to the site.

Many of my friends and colleagues always looked to me for insight on albums, and nothing beats that look on a friend's face when they hear that song that made an impact on you have the same impact on them. Instead of constantly letting everyone know independently, The Recently Added is a place to consolidate those conversations at a time where everyone is moving everywhere and we can no longer share those late nights blasting the new releases over good conversations beside a kitchen counter.

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