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It took me years to gain interest in literature. Until I found something I was actually interested in, there was hardly an article that didn't put me to sleep. The literature that was pushed in the mid 90's in grade school through high school would turn even the most eager of readers away.


Any Rand was the first classic I ever took interest in, but her writing was philosophical and the fiction wasn't strong, it was more the ideology I cherished. Music was my passion until I ended up in college struggling to find a major with Journalism being excluded from the Florida State University curriculum. Why it's not a field of study to this day at such a prestigious university is still completely beyond me. Scrambling to find a major, I decided to study English.

At the time I was playing the drums in a few bands. I was a major part of the songwriting and provided the lyrics and the majority of the writing for the work. I found a way to combine the two. I would write lyrics for the band and then publish them in my creative writing workshops. Surprisingly the majority of the work was very highly received. This led to expanding the short form into a bit of storytelling and I eventually combined all those works between 2004-2008 into what would become Tales of Movie Theatre Pool.

I got into reading by starting to locate the authors of my favorite movies. American Psycho and Trainspotting were my two gateways. Ellis and Welsh, although completely different in style and concepts (in fact Ellis showcases a life of the superfluous, while Welsh exposes the rigid lower class) were my favorites and still are to this day. The way they focused on the toxicity of youth and all the variables of confusion that comes with growing up was something I could conceptualize and I was blown away by their ability to tell stories. McInerney, Palahniuk and even Bukowski came close, but nothing beat that initial explosion that occurred in my mind when I was exposed to Welsh and Ellis.

Sunshine State was an extension and more focused project than Tales and The Girls was the first time I combined my passion for music and storytelling to create a world of my own. Bruce Vermont is the combination of all three works and continues to develop the characters and the world in which they live in. If you really pay attention to the stories and read them in order, you'll see that the world in which all the characters live in is separated by a few months of one another and very often the characters in one world leak into the next. I am continued to be inspired by the digital age and how it's impacted youthful startups in both the literary and music world.

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